About Us

We are a Peruvian company with headquarters in the city of Cusco, founded in 2007. Specializing in unconventional tourism and adventure, combined with cultural, educational and natural history, describes itself as a trading company with a strong social and environmental agenda , development and support along the way many projects, as cleaning the river, offering activities and excursions for people with disabilities and support the projects of the Andean Community, which maximize the positive effects of tourism activities locally. Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu are main stages of many of our adventure trips like rafting, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and other participatory activities, related to the Inca culture and daily life of the Andean people, such as rural tourism, interpretation, volunteering and bring the option to share authentic experiences with the locals.

Fair trade in tourism:

Mapi Travel is today one of the very few companies that campaigns for environmental protection and cleaning of rivers in Peru. On each trip that the customer is given, we support these efforts. We have been doing since our inception, either directly or indirectly, in different ways as part of the cost is used to support the activities and campaigns, such as cleaning the river Vilcanota, protection Qeunua reforestation, environmental education and generating employment for the inhabitants of the communities.
Mapi Travel Agency and its partners developed jointly ecotourism programs and sustainability in communities near Ollantaytambo, with the aim of sharing the benefits of tourism activity.

Environmental sustainability:

True sustainability in all business and operations are planned. The idea is indeterminately ensure the natural and cultural values of each region and / or location.

The minimum impact on all facets of the business. Our trips in the jungle for example be operated according to the minimum standards of impact. In our office we ensure that everything operates according to the standards to maintain environmental sustainability, with maximum efficiency.
Contribution to conservation. Whenever possible we undertake with our environmental collaborated and encourage others to promote conservation and protection and restoration of our environment local groups.

Responsible travel:

Each of our operations should maximize the positive effects on the communities that we have choosen as the setting for our tours, hiking and / or programs in general. This includes having workers in the area, using local and sustainable way that desarrolar business products for them.
Minimize the negative impact of tourism. This includes ensuring that tourism does not divert resources from local communities or the rise in prices on these.
Provide opportunities for cultural exchange, where you can share and learn from local communities.
Contribute to the common welfare of the community that welcomes us. Wherever possible we are ready to participate in partnerships with other companies and customers to develop programs, that can help host communities. This may include support for health, education and environmental protection issues.
Our goal is to increase the knowledge of each destination in order to encourage appropriate behavior and minimize the cultural and environmental impact.

Excursions / activities:

Mapi Travel  Agency offers unique experiences in major cities like Lima, Arequipa, Nazca, Puno and Cusco, giving an overview of social history, combining with outdoors walks, light for people without experience or families and activities for the adventurous in search of adrenaline. They are developing our part, following customer requirements, experience, level adjustment or special interest. We also offer fixed programs and activities scheduled departures, where travel agents can offer their clients programs we offer.
Our guides are very important for us, who are connoisseurs and lovers of our country, with many years of experience, well trained in the culture, performance, safety, rescue and first aid, in their great local guides culture and from high Andean communities.

Out of the ordinary:

We are looking forward to offer various options for sightseeing, away from the crowds and areas of high human impact. We are very creative in designing new programs and itineraries, where visitors can experience the Andean landscape, nature and local people as it was centuries ago. Driving customers to places where we can find local ecosystems and historical monuments, not affected by pollution and cities.